You Bring Customers. We'll do Everything Else.

Get your customers to your online DVD store and we'll accept and process their payment, purchase the stock, despatch the order and handle customer service.


We work hard for our Fundraisers.

We provide the online store at no charge, credit card payments at no charge, and we handle stock, orders, deliveries and customer service all at no cost to our fundraisers.

So how is DVD Fundraising free?

Seems mad doesn't it? The answer is simple. For each sale made on DVD Fundraising we take a percentage cut. The rest goes to you.

What is my Percentage Share?

The typical retail markup for DVDs and Blurays are 20% above the wholesale cost price. We split this profit with you, so DVD Fundraising makes 10% and you make 10% on each sale.

Here's an Example.

Let's say your marketing efforts were quite exemplary and your Fundraising Drive is extremely successful, bringing in a total of $11,436 worth of orders. Your 10% cut is $1,143.60. Not bad for no risk and no cost!


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