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1. Create a Free Account.

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2. Customize Your Store.

This is entirely optional, but if you choose to you can modify the introduction message for your store and choose which OFLC classifications to include or exclude.

3. Market Your Store.

Now that the easy part is over and done with, you'll need to bring in some customers. You might like to try an email blast, or perhaps hard copy flyers, newsletters or even word of mouth.

4. Your Customers Order.

By way of your excellent marketing, your customers will come to your customized online DVD store, browse the catalogue and place an order.

5. We Process the Orders.

When we receive an order, we'll purchase stock from our suppliers and then dispatch the order to the customer by Australia Post. We handle everything.

6. You Profit.

Yes, it is that easy. We'll send your percentage share of the profit by cheque on a monthly basis, or when you end your fundraising drive.


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