Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • How much does DVD Fundraising cost?

    There are no costs or fees associated with DVD Fundraising. We simply take a 10% cut of each sale made on your online store.

  • How does DVD Fundraising work?

    It's simple. You create an account and your online DVD and Bluray store is instantly available for use. More information is available on our How It Works page.

  • What is my profit percentage?

    An overview of your profit percentage is available here.

  • What about security?

    All commercial transactions made with DVD Fundraising are encrypted with industry standard SSL technology to prevent interception by third parties. DVD Fundraising does not store credit card information within our systems.

  • Can I customize my store?

    You can customize the introduction of your online store and modify your DVD and Bluray catalogue by including or excluding specific OFLC classifications.

  • How do I receive payment?

    DVD Fundraising will send you a cheque for your share of the profit on a monthly basis.


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